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To create a new application:
1. At the bottom of the page, select the Program you are applying to in the drop-down menu that says “(Select a Grant Type)”.
2. Click on the “Create New Application” button. A new application will appear in your list of applications.
If your application is funded, an Evaluation phase will appear directly underneath the funded application if applicable.

How to use the 5 colored “action” buttons: (buttons will appear once an application has been created)

Email: Send your eGrant application and final report questions to the Carl M. Freeman Foundation.
Guides: Pull up a copy of the guidelines for that application.
View: View a printable copy of your application or final report.
 For review purposes, use this button to print your application at any stage of completion. 
If the application printed has "DRAFT" written across the page, the data for the application or final report has not yet been submitted. Please return to the Finish page of the respective application or final report and submit.
Edit: Enter or edit the information in the application or final report.
 Once past the program due date or after the application or final report has been submitted, it can no longer be edited and this button with no longer be visible.
Delete: Delete that application or final report. Once deleted, it can not be recovered.

The Application ID# listed for each application in the list below is a unique identifier for that application and its respective final report. This number is used to identify each application on the main menu screen as well as throughout the eGrant.net process and in your communication with the Carl M. Foundation.